Aristotle ♂
Show Name: n/a
DOB: June 16, 2017
Parents: m26 x m3
Origin: Bred by semicolon @ Patchett

Bide ♀
Show Name: n/a
DOB: July 11, 2017
Parents: Rummikub x Walter
Origin: Bred by Marie

Clark ♂
Show Name: n/a
DOB: August 12, 2006
Parents: Biggellup x Tubbly
Origin: Bred @ Toesocks
Notes: I've never particularly been a fan of oshies, but I kept Clark around because, for whatever reason, he seems to get along well with Euphonium. Eventually I got to know him and I realized just what a sweet little pile of puff he is. Honestly, though, I hate his name, but I can't bring myself to change it!

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