Bluebottle ♂
Show Name: n/a
DOB: January 31, 2010
Parents: n/a
Origin: Hexed @ Toesocks.
Notes: I'm particularly attached to this cutie. He was one of my first attempts at "complicated" hexing and I love how he turned out! He gets along well with most of my other petz, and loves playing fetch in particular.

Dovahkiin ♀
Show Name: n/a
DOB: January 28, 2013
Parents: n/a
Origin: Adopted @ Toesocks.
Notes: Dovah's just a 1st gen adoption center scottie, but she was the first pet I brought out after struggling to get Petz running on my computer. In a fit of whimsy I gave her an Elder Scrolls inspired name and plopped the viking helmet on her, which she adores.

Scoots ♀
Show Name: n/a
DOB: June 15, 2017
Parents: Fluffle x Thorin
Origin: Bred by Beff @ Krunchez.

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