The idea for Toesocks came to me in the summer of 2009. I was in the middle of a move, living in a tiny apartment with only my dad's laptop for entertainment. Before Toesocks, I ran a little site called Circle City Petz, but I had started it in fifth grade and was, quite frankly, tired of it. CCP was gracefully retired and I began to dream about a new website. I liked the name Toesocks not only because of its cute, kitschy quality, but because of my slightly ridiculous love for socks of all kinds. So, I thought and I planned, but nothing ever came of it because about two days later my dad's laptop crashed and I was without petz again.

Months passed again before I even thought about making a website. Finally, over Thanksgiving break, I was sick and bored and decided to put my spare time to good use. If this were a movie, we'd stop and have a montage with pump-it-up music and clips of me muttering swearwords under my breath and singing a song about HTML (♫ "< br> < br>, the youth of a nation~" ♫). On November 28, I finally registered my domain name with, and Toesocks was born.

That brings us to where we are now, version five of Toesocks: Color Craze! With the recent resurgence in PC activity, I knew I wanted to update the layout. It took me a long time to figure out a theme that stuck, and I don't know that it's quite what I had imagined, but I love the color scheme. Toesocks is made with a one-year-old Macbook, BlueVoda Website Builder, GIMP, and a lot of patience.

Version 1, "Snow Day"

Version 2, "Beach Bum"

Version 3, "Spring Breeze"

Version 4, "Sunny Day"

Version 5, "Color Craze"

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